International Dylan Thomas Day #DylanDay - May 14 2015

  • Exhibition @Immagine&Poesia Association Centre, Torino

"The rotating shell" (I dreamed my genesis)

mix media by Gianpiero Actis

"Dylan Thomas Centenary Celebration"



Tribute to one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century

at the conclusion of the celebrations organized

for the centenary of his birth


 a project by “Il Luogo delle Arti” and “Immagine & Poesia”



In the beginning was the three-pointed star, 
One smile of light across the empty face . . .


Dylan Thomas


Alberto Geisser Library, Torino


Wednesday, March 25  6 pm – free admission –



Manrico Murzi: poet

Massimo Trombi (Libreria La torre di Abele)

Anna Maria Bracale Ceruti, Luisa Paglieri (Associazione Il Luogo delle Arti)

Lidia Chiarelli, Rosalba Vacis, Maria Fiorenza Verde (AssociazioneImmagine & Poesia)

Cristina Codazza: voice artist


paintings by  Gianpiero Actis e Davide Binello


acknowledgments for comments and messages:


OXFORD: Hannah Ellis (grand-daughter of Dylan Thomas, President of the Dylan Thomas Society of Great Britain)

SWANSEA: Peter Thabit Jones (Welsh poet and dramatist, author – with Aeronwy Thomas – of The Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village”), Jo Furber (Literature Officer - Dylan Thomas Centre), Anne Haden (Expert on Dylan Thomas), Ceri Thomas (Curator, Art Historian and Artist)

NEW YORK: Stanley H. Barkan, Poet/Publisher, Cross-Cultural Communications, NY